Beauty from Ashes

During your time of loss, you feel the burden of grief and mourning. You feel the hollow ache caused by a loved one's absence and you may be worried that your fondest memories will fade with time. But our cremation keepsakes allow you to respectfully commemorate the life of your loved one. When you hold a crystal companion memorial keepsake, you hold something beautiful. You hold a part of the life you cherished.


What Is My Crystal Companion?

Transform your sadness into something beautiful and soothing.

You have lost a companion, but the love you shared is eternal.  Our Cremation keepsakes are an increasingly popular way to memorialize a loved one. Your keepsake is created by infusing your companions cremated remains in crystal glass. The patented process we use to create your personalized life memorial keepsake results in a truly unique work of art, giving testament to the bond between you and the life you cherished.

No two keepsakes are alike

Just as no two people are exactly alike, no two Crystal Companions are alike. Your keepsake is created in its own crucible from your loved one’s cremains. Then the crucible is destroyed, insuring that your memorial is yours alone.   We take great care in ensuring the integrity of the process.


The essence of your loved one’s life determines the color and design of the crystal. Cremation keepsakes are a chance for your loved one to present you with a final gift of healing and a chance to give you beauty from ashes.

  • Soothe your grief
  • Honor your loved one
  • Memorialize your special pet
  • Celebrate the life you shared
  • Pass on your precious heirloom
  • Remember your family and friends
  • Share your everlasting connection
  • Create your enduring tribute

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